Cash Discount Surcharging. Pass 100% of processing fees to credit card paying customers.

Credit Card Processing Fees Eating Into Your Profits?

Are you tired of shouldering the burden of credit card processing fees? With Xccept, you can finally pass those costs on to your customers. That’s right – with Xccept, 100% of credit card processing fees are passed on to the cardholder. So why continue to accept the high costs of credit card processing? Make the switch to Xccept and start saving today.

Relying on traditional credit card processing means paying high fees for every transaction, leading to significant losses. We’ve proudly improved eCommerce credit card processing to eliminate your payment processing fees. Processing credit card payments has never been more manageable, even if you need high-risk processing based on your industry.

Cash Discount Surcharging
Offset Credit Card Processing Costs

Offset Credit Card Processing Costs.

Credit Card Processing Using Cash Discount Surcharging

Credit card processing fees are a huge burden for businesses, but you can’t afford to turn away customers who want to pay with plastic. That’s where low-cost credit card processing comes in. We’re passing credit card processing fees to your customers to save you money in the long run.

The average business spends $5,000 per year on credit card processing fees – that’s a lot of money that could be put back into your business!

Xccept is the solution to high credit card processing fees. With Xccept, you can pass on 100% of those costs to your customers through cash discount surcharging. That means more savings for you and peace of mind knowing you’re not losing out on potential sales because of high processing fees! It’s the perfect solution for credit card processing for retail businesses and more.

With Xccept:

  • Reduce your credit card processing fees by up to 50%…
  • Keep your business running smoothly with no changes to your current process…
  • Get started in minutes and see the savings start pouring in immediately…

Keep 100% of your hard earned money with Cash Discount, the cheapest credit card processing available.

You’re tired of paying the credit card processing fees yourself. Every time a customer pays with a
credit or debit card, you have to pay a percentage of that sale to the credit card company, adding up to a lot of money over time!

With Xccept, you can finally stop paying those fees out of your own pocket. When a customer
pays with a credit or debit card, 100% of the processing fees are passed on to them. The newest retail trend makes charging customers credit card fees the easiest way to offer more payment options without adding costs.

Powerful Surcharging Made Simple. 0% Credit
Card Processing. 100% Compliance

What is a Cash Discount Program?

A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that passes the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit card. Cash discount merchant services allow business owners to continue accepting all major credit cards without losing 3-4% in fees. It’s an ideal solution for high-risk credit card processing businesses that want to take credit cards without the high cost due to risk.

Secure and Federally Compliant Surcharging

Feel confident knowing payment collection remains secure and
compliant with state and federal surcharging laws.

Level I PCI Security

Level I PCI Security

Safely collect payments with the latest in transactional security. Interoperability and trouble-free device performance. It’s just as secure as other online credit card processing systems.

State Level Compliance Support

State Level Compliance Support

Easily ensure compliance with dedicated, expert guidance on meeting state and federal business requirements.

Fully Compliant Surcharge Management

Fully Compliant Surcharge Management

Reduce risk with automated compliance, including itemizing the surcharge on receipts, preventing surcharges on non-credit card transactions, and refunding surcharges on returns. Surcharging while processing credit cards is a simple solution to pay processing fees without hurting your bottom line.

Expand Payments Options

Offer more ways to pay with the ability to openly accept every card type no matter where and how your customers want to pay. You can expand the cards you accept without worrying about paying the credit card processing fees associated with specific card issuers. Surcharging passes those credit card processing fees to the consumer.

Customize System

Customize System

Select the right mix of software, hardware, app, and accessories that fits your needs well. Even high-risk credit card processing is easy with our customized solutions.

24/7 Expert Live Help

More Payments

Time to process twice as many payments as before, and don’t leave any behind with our speedy process.

Fully Compliant Surcharge Management

Easy Management

Manage your orders with us, and there is no such thing as complicated orders when Xccept takes care of them.

Low-cost credit card processing is within your reach! We create customized eCommerce credit card processing solutions that help you accept more payment options and provide your customers with stellar service that earns their loyalty. You can say goodbye to high credit processing fees and start welcoming more customers to your business, helping you grow more efficiently. Charging customers credit card fees is the most effective method for credit card processing for retail businesses. Learn more about processing credit card payments and how our solutions can benefit your business.


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