Q1) How online payment processing works?

A) Online payment processing involves a customer entering their payment information through your online checkout system. We handle the payment, placing the funds in your merchant account, and then transferring the funds to you shortly after.

Q2) What payment processors do you work with?

A) We work with a wide range of payment processors including NMi, Pax, Paysafe, Poynt, QuickBooks, SwipeSimple, USA Pay, Worldpay, Clover, EpicPay, First Data, Fortis Pay and more.

Q3) Do you work with existing payment processors like Clover?

A) Yes. Our technology is 100% compatible with existing payment processors like Clover.

Q4) How do I get a credit card machine for my business?

A) At Xccept, we offer a range of point of sale devices, including credit card machines. We have credit card terminals that work for your brand. Our terminals are available with no obligation and no contract.

Q5) Do you offer Clover credit card terminals?

A) Yes, our credit card terminals are Clover compatible for your convenience.

Q6) What is the cost of a credit card machine?

A) For an accurate price list, reach out to our team for a customized quote that caters to your needs by calling us at (888) 988-2055.

Q7) How to eliminate credit card fees?

A) At Xccept, we offer fee free processing, which means that you can completely eliminate credit card fees so that you can enjoy higher revenue from each of your transactions.

Q8) What is fee free processing?

A) Typically, merchants like you will pay up to 3% in processing fees for each transaction. Fee free processing is a way to reduce the costs to your business with each sale, so that you can better forecast your profit margins. In this process, the fees are typically passed on to the customer as part of the cost of the sale.

Q9) What are different types of ecommerce payment systems?

A) There are many types of ecommerce payment systems commonly used today. These include accepting payments by credit card, debit card, netbanking, Amazon or Apple Pay, e-wallet and mobile payments.

Q10) Does your ecommerce payment system work with Shopify?

A) Yes, our ecommerce payment systems are fully compatible with Shopify.

Q11) Does your ecommerce payment system work with Woocommerce?

A) Yes, our payment systems are 100% compatible with Woocommerce.

Q12) Are mobile payments accepted everywhere?

A) Yes. Xccept offers the technology to accept mobile payments from anywhere, even when you are offline.

Q13) What payment processing system do you use to accept mobile payments?

A) We have created our own mobile payment system that you can use to accept mobile payments, collect customer information, track purchase history and more.

Q14) What are the benefits of accepting mobile payments?

A) Mobile payments are one of the most popular ways in which customers will pay for their goods. By accepting mobile payments, you can ensure that you are providing the highest levels of convenience for your customers.

Q15) What is cash discount surcharging?

A) Cash discount surcharging is where a business will offer a discount to a customer when they pay in cash. If they choose to pay by credit card, then a surcharge will apply.

Q16) What type of debit/credit cards will I be able to accept?

A) With Xccept, you will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards for your transactions, making it easier for your customers to pay for their purchases.

Q17) What are typical credit card processing fees?

A) Credit card processing fees vary by state and vendor, but on average, are usually between 2-3% of the cost of the transaction.

Q18) What is POS point of sale?

A) A point of sale is the process of ringing up a customer for their sale.

Q19) How do POS terminals work?

A) When a customer swipes their credit or debit card at a POS terminal, the magnetic stripe transmits information regarding the availability of funds within the account before the funds are transferred to the merchant account.

Q20) How to accept payments online?

A) With Xccept, you can accept payments online in a number of ways. Our technology integrates with popular ecommerce solutions, or you can send payment links that allow your customers to pay for their purchase.

Q21) How does a merchant account work?

A) A merchant account is a specific type of bank account that lets you accept credit card payments. When you accept a payment, the money is first moved into your merchant account, and is then transferred to your bank account.


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