High-risk business type? Declined by your bank or a different processor? Xccept has you covered!

Many businesses are considered high risk based solely on their industry. Industries may be considered high risk by traditional banking institutions for a variety of reasons. Xccept specializes in high risk merchant accounts and solutions.

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High-Risk Specialization

We offer high-risk businesses secure and fast merchant accounts and services despite the industry niche.


Fraud Prevention

We are here to mitigate the fraud and risk that would normally prevent your company from processing payments.


Chargeback Prevention

Chargebacks are a pain for any business, especially merchants, but Xccept has strategic ways to handle such situations.

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Quick Approval

Fast approvals of your merchant account with high-end security and compliance to continue or initiate payments under a high-risk category.

What Are High-Risk Businesses?

There are numerous reasons for a business to be labeled as high-risk. However, it is a designation given to a business by the payment card processors and or banks.

A company that acts as a mediator between the merchant and the bank for the purposes of accepting payments is known as a credit card processor.

High-Risk Businesses

Payment-Card Processors

A company that acts like a mediator between a merchant and the bank for the credit card transaction process and manages it is known as a payment-card processor.

In simple words, high-risk businesses are merchants perceived to have a high potential for risk of fraud or chargebacks. Payment processors list these types of businesses as high-risk and typically will charge higher processing fees. Most common ways to identify a high-risk business?

Chances of chargebacks
Chances of chargebacks
Possible fraudulent activity
Possible fraudulent activity
Low credit score
Low banking reputation

There are only two situations in which payment processors will work with high-risk businesses. Either they charge more for the services in the form of fees, or they decide not to assist the merchant with payment processing.

Is there a way out for businesses with high-risk processing?

Absolutely! The number of businesses with high-risk factors in their financial activities is vast. It is where payment-card processors, also known as high-risk processors, come into the field.

Xccept is your high-risk payment processing solution.

Xccept enters to end the suffering of all businesses in need of payment processing for a higher risk business.

We manage your payment operations, and despite your reputation as a high-risker in the field, we acquire the role of being your mediator between the card companies and banks. Our solutions benefit a wide range of industries with chargeback fears. Xccept goes a step further to assist your business.

No matter if your previous account was closed or suspended, Xccept will get you up and running quickly and in most cases with less fee!

Xccept knows how to monitor, manage, and deliver results for all high-risk businesses across boundaries with its impeccable merchant account services & reputable high-risk Payment Processor Title.

Pre-Approved Merchant Account Within 24-Hours!

Xccept tends to serve a large community of diverse businesses around the world.
Including but not limited to:

Fraud management setup

Adult Industry

The adult industry is a tough playground, but not when Xccept is here with 100% secure merchant account services.

Chargeback prevention methods

CBD Industry

The CBD business falls into high-risk payments and that is when Xccept steps in to handle any payment service.

Virtual terminal

Debt Collection Agencies

Collecting debts is a risky task that transforms the whole industry into risk when it comes to accepting payments. However, Xccept keeps nothing shady with payment processing.

Custom report generation

Multilevel Marketing Industry

The MLM industry has benefited from Xccept’s merchant account services even though it is labeled as high risk.

PCI compliant

Non-Profit Organizations

Running an NPO requires a lot of faith, dedication, and a reliable merchant service provider with easy payment processing to make a difference.

Payment gateway services

Subscription Business

The subscription business falls in the high-risk category because of the high chance for chargeback, but Xccept has solutions.

ACH processing

Online Dating Business

Managing an online dating app or website can fall under this category.

Travel Industry

Travel Industry

Traveling industry can be riddled with risk factors. Things like canceled trip can cause chargebacks. Xccept has a solution for travel.

Fraud management setup

Startup Business

Startup businesses, depending on the industry, can fall under this category and stay on the high-risk radar for a long time.

Chargeback prevention methods

Gambling Industry

The gambling industry has a lot of uncertainty which factors into the risk attached to its payment cycle. However, we provide merchant account services to most every business.

Virtual terminal

Nutraceutical Industry

No more chargebacks, errors, or frauds for the nutraceutical industry in terms of payment procedures because we bring highly secured payment solutions.

Custom report generation

Firearm Industry

Xccept supports the firearm industry with the best merchant payment processing solution to avoid the risk factor and streamline processes.

PCI compliant

Tech Support Business

The IT industry is on the boom and Xccept easily manages tech processing.

Payment gateway services

Drop shipping Industry

Long order times and fraudulent charges have transformed the entire drop shipping industry into a high-risk industry, but Xccept got its back.

ACH processing

Broker Industry

Brokers fall under this category, but Xccept ends the suffering through custom merchant account services for the industry.


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